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Monday, September 29, 2014

Book Review: The Cattleman- Anna Jeffrey

Title:  The Cattleman
Author:  Anna Jeffrey
Publisher/Year: Anna Jeffrey Books/2014
Genre: Romance, Cowboy, Western, New Adult Romance, New Adult
Format:  ePub for free in exchange for an honest review

The Juicy Stuff:
Contemporary Romance - Sequel to THE TYCOON
Ever since a disastrous marriage and divorce at a young age, Pickett Lockhart has kept his emotions under control. He’s preoccupied anyway with learning to be the general manager of the vast Double-Barrel Ranch outside of Drinkwell, Texas. Still, his older brother’s marriage and looming fatherhood has aroused an envy within him to have a wife, kids and home of his own. But he can’t get married, even to a woman he loves who also loves him. His divorce cost him and his family a bundle, leaving him with an overwhelming fear of stepping into another financial trap.

Amanda Breckenridge, swim team coach and English teacher in Drinkwell High School, has been in love with Pic for as long as she can remember. They were high school sweethearts. After he eloped with someone he met in college, Amanda left Drinkwell. Her father’s illness brought her back to town and a revived relationship with Pic. But Pic’s mother has never thought Amanda was good enough for him. She intends to destroy their relationship by sending a friend’s beautiful daughter to the ranch to tempt Pic. Can Amanda and Pic’s bond survive his mother and her schemes? Or the unexpected career opportunity that falls into Amanda’s lap?

How It Made Me Feel:
Goodness gracious.  Talk about a book that made me laugh out loud, cry a bit, and grab at my hair in frustration!   If you are looking for a book that will keep you reading and keep you involved, this is one for the books! I love a great cowboy story and I love a great romance.  Who knew I'd be getting both?! Pickett "Pic" Lockhart is a cowboy who has recently taken over the running of his family's ranch.  His older brother is getting married and about to become a father and Pic is left wondering if he'll ever get the chance, yet he's afraid of becoming stuck in the mire of yet another failed marriage, complete with financial woes.   

Cue Amanda, Pic's old high school flame, back in town to assist her ill father.  Of course, Pic and Amanda pick up their romance and things are going well until Pic's meddling mother decides she knows what's best for Pic.  Man oh man.  Doesn't that sound familiar?  Those crazy mothers who love to get involved in their children's lives.  That always sets up for an interesting story. 

I could easily relate to Betty's scheming ways and hopes of destroying Pic and Amanda's relationship.  That, tied in with the absolutely yummy description of Pic (Can you say hello Cowboy?!) and a great relationship between him and Amanda made for a fabulous story that kept my interest piqued!

What I Thought Worked:
I loved that Pic and Amanda's relationship was a second chance at their first true love. What can I say, I'm a hopeless romantic.  I live for the cowboy stories  with romance.  This one fit the bill.  Their love is real and sweet and not with out it's own problems and issues.  It was very real for me. 

What I Thought Didn't Work:
I didn't completely believe the character of Zochimilka.  It wasn't that I didn't feel her character wasn't very well thought out, but I tend to severely dislike the girls who go out there to ruin a great relationship.  


Why It Got That Rating:
I loved this book and I can't wait to buy a physical copy to put on my bookshelf.  I would love to reread it again and I have to add it to my Cowboy Romance collection! 

Who Would I Recommend To:
I would recommend to anyone who loves a great story with a hot cowboy.  I would also recommend to anyone who enjoys reading about first true loves that end up working out!

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