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Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Book Review: The Duplicitious Debutante- Becky Lower

Author: Becky Lower
Genre: Romance, Historical Fiction
Format: Mobile Edition

The Juicy Stuff:

In 1859, ladies of New York society are expected to do three things well: find a husband, organize a household, and have children. But despite her mother’s best intentions, making her debut is the last thing on Rosemary Fitzpatrick’s mind. 

Writing the popular Harry Hawk dime novels as F.P. Elliott, she’s too busy hiding her female identity from her new publisher, Henry Cooper. To protect her clandestine career, she ends up posing as the enigmatic author's secretary.Henry is not the typical Boston Brahmin, nor the typical publisher, and Rosemary entrances him from the moment they meet. As they work together and grow closer, he wonders how his traditional-minded father will react when he brings her into the family, because Henry firmly intends to marry the working-class woman.But when her deception begins to unravel at the cotillion ball, will Henry be able to forgive her or has deceit cost her the man she loves?

How It Made Me Feel:
I greatly enjoyed this book and was intrigued from the moment I made it past page 2.  Historical fiction is one of my favorite genres and sometimes, I feel that the authors don't always get the feeling of what it was really like in that time period.  Though I will never know for sure, what the United States was like in the 1900's, I know that what I read in Becky Lower's book seemed extremely realistic and true to the point.  I enjoyed the witty repartee and intelligent conversations between the characters and was easily transported to the many different events happening in the book.  It didn't take me very long before I was feeling what Rosemary was feeling and I, too, was worried about the future of her dime novels.   I loved that the characters were each their own personality and were able to keep me entertained even when they weren't scripted with each other.   We were able to really get a chance to know not only Henry and Rosemary, but Rosemary's family as well, and I thought it helped add to the depth of character.

What I Thought Worked:
I absolutely loved the different little tidbits of information that were included in the pages of this book.  Becky Lower did a fabulous job of incorporating fencing terminology and painting a picture of the type of man and character Henry was.  I also enjoyed the French she would slip in from his time in New Orleans.

What I Thought Didn't Work:
After reading it and then re-reading it, I don't really have anything I would list as something that should have been changed.  It was a great "can't put it down until I'm finished" book that I know I will enjoy again.


Why It Got That Rating:
I loved the history that was evident in the story.  I found it easily believable as something of the time period and I loved that the characters were intelligent and able to have conversations of merit.  That, paired with a romantic twist and an author background, made the novel one I would love to have on my permanent bookshelf.

Who Would I Recommend To:
I would recommend this book to anyone who enjoys romantic historical fiction. It was an easy read, but it was still able to capture your attention and give you connection with the characters.

Last Impressions/Remarks:
This is a book with a wonderful aroma, fragrant bouquet, and a pleasant aftertaste, that offers satisfaction and entertainment.  I would most certainly read it again and will be recommending it to as many people as possible.

Things We Should Talk About

  • Have you ever been in a situation similar to Rosemary's?  If yes, how did you remedy it?
  • If you were in the same time period, would you have acted similarly to Rosemary?
  • Have you read this book or would you like to?

Keep on reading, lovlies!

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  1. What a great review. Becky writes wonderful tales of the evolution of American culture in the mid 1800's. She writes strong female characters that will not be stereotyped. Great job Becky. Keep them coming.


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