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Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Author Interview- Duplicitious Debutante- Becky Lower

A Cup of Tea & A Big Book are so very lucky to have had a chance to interview the wonderful author of our most recent book review and blog tour!  Becky Lower, who wrote the Duplicitous Debutante! If you are reading this post because you followed the click through link on the blog tour, AWESOME!  You rock, thanks for being an active blog participant!  If you came upon this post from one of our many social media outlets and have yet to read the review and blog tour, please, click on one of the links above and let it transport you to another post.  We greatly appreciate your support and we love that we are able to help get the word out for authors such as Becky Lower.  We hope you enjoy the interview!

With out much further ado, we present to you our Author Interview. 

1. What brought you to writing about historical fiction and romance?

                        I’ve been in love with the history of America ever since my father told me about the family legend of an American Indian in our genealogical tree. I pictured a woman alone with her children while her husband is off fighting the Civil War, and an Indian comes to her rescue when she needs it, they fall in love, and she has one child from him before her husband returns. Talk about a romance! It turns out that there is no Indian in my rather muddled family tree (DNA doesn’t lie), but someday I’ll write my story anyway. 

2.  What is your favorite era of history to write about?
                      My current series is set in America during the decade leading up to the Civil War. I like to say the era chose me and not the other way around. I wanted to include the Cotillion Ball in my books, since I love the fashion that’s involved with the lavish balls, but I didn’t want to set my stories in England. So I did research on when the Ball was introduced into American society. It turns out the decade is chock full of great historical events, other than the building tensions between the North and the South, on which I draw for my books. So, it’s been a happy, fortunate experience for me. 

3. What is your favorite Historical Fiction/Romance book and/or series? Why? 

                       I’d have to say Julia Quinn’s Bridgerton series. It’s such a smart series, and I go back again and again and read one or the other. I loved the way she named the eight children in the family by the alphabet, A through H, and the way the characters made cameo appearances in the stories other than their own. It’s what inspired my Cotillion Ball Series, except without the British accents.

Becky Lower
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  1. I know about your writing, but every post seems to give a little bit more away. Keep them coming.


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