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Thursday, October 9, 2014

Book Blitz Tour: Dirty Little Mistake-Amber Rides 18+ PLEASE

Author: Amber Rides
Genre: A New Adult, Contemporary Romance
Series: Dirty Series, Book 2: Standalone novels

Intended for mature audiences (18 and up) with romantic hearts due to strong language, sexual content, and declarations of love. 

At eighteen, Brenna Cooper turned her back on her boyfriend-hopping, drug-addicted mother. She fought her way from poverty and heartache into a life she's proud to lead. Now twenty-two, Brenna has four years of hard work behind her and a bright future ahead of her. She's careful and cautious and keeps her nose clean. Always. Or almost always anyway. 

Five weeks ago, Brenna received some news that hit her hard and she slipped from the straight-and-narrow path. 

It was just one mistake. 

One party. 

One too many shots of tequila. 

One little one-night stand with her muscle-for-brains neighbor, Ian. 

And it's behind her. 

Or it would be if it weren't for the teeny, tiny matter of the positive pregnancy test. 

Now, Brenna is terrified of following in her mother's footsteps. She needs to tell Ian about the baby. Soon. And she needs help finding a way to do it. 

Ridley James has a shady, crappy decision filled past. He's the first to admit that the ages of thirteen to seventeen were nothing to be proud of. He bounced from foster home to foster home, girl to girl, and fake I.D. to fake I.D. Five years ago, though, his terminally ill aunt took him in and helped him turn his life around. Before she died, she made him promise a few things. Ridley would stay on the clean path she'd led him to. He'd stay out of trouble. Most importantly, though, he'd look out for her son - his cousin - Ian. 

He was doing well. 

Until he and Ian moved into his new house a month and half ago and they met his pretty, sweet - and drunk - neighbor. 

Ridley knows his only choice is to pretend Brenna has no effect on him. Especially since she came flying out of Ian's room the morning after their housewarming party, begging him to forget he ever saw her. 

He was doing fine with that, too. 

Until Brenna came asking for his help - in becoming Ian's girlfriend. 

Now, Ridley is trying to keep his hands and his feelings to himself, struggling to understand why a girl like Brenna is interested in his cousin at all, and fighting to keep his promises to his aunt. 

The closer Brenna gets to Ridley, the farther she gets from making her confession to Ian. The more Ridley gets to know Brenna, the less control he has. 

Both are keeping secrets. And neither is prepared for the truth. 

All books in the Dirty Series are standalone novels with happy endings. The characters may have more stories to tell in the future, but for now, they are spending all their time behind closed doors. For obvious reasons. ;)


His hands found her hips and guided over the smooth curves.  It was dark, and this was new, but he was already familiar with every inch of her.  His palms circled to the small of her back, then scooped down to cup her ass possessively.  The flesh there was soft and tender and full enough to make him throb with need.

“I want you.” His voice was husky with desire.

“How do you want me?” she teased.

Her fingers were on his back, tracing the muscles that went from his shoulders to his waist, over and over again in an agonizing motion.

“How don’t I want you?” he groaned.

“Tell me. And I’ll touch you.”

“I want you fast,” he replied, aware that he had answered a little too eagerly, but not caring at all. “And then slow. And fast again.”

Her lips closed over his earlobe and her hand skidded over his abs and down to his thigh.

“I want you on me,” he stated. “I want you underneath me.”

She dragged her fingers up.  They closed over his hard cock and gave it a gentle stroke.  Too gentle.

“I want you to feel me inside you,” he breathed.

She gasped and her grip tightened around his erection.

“I want you like that,” he told her.

She caressed him firmly, perfectly, and he had to rein himself in.

“I want to taste you.”

“Do it,” she teased. “I dare you.”

“Oh you dare me, do you?” he growled.

In a fluid motion, he slid down the bed and rolled her to her back, and nipped playfully at her calves – first one, then the other.  Her knees fell open easily as he worked his way up the entire length of her legs.  When he reached the center, he paused to slide his hands across her stomach, and then brought his thumbs down to meet the wetness between her thighs.

She arched herself against his ministrations because she couldn’t help it.  The circular motion he made over her clit brought on waves of heat, radiating from her core to her skin, then back again. 

She wasn’t sure how much longer she could contain her need.

“I accept your dare. I’m going to taste you. Now,” he announced and his promise made her tremble.

His tongue darted into her, teasing and playing and sucking lightly.  His tempo increased, as did the depth of his exploration.  She cried out as his mouth worked.  A coil built up inside her, tighter and tighter, begging to be released.

And she begged too. “Please! Oh, please!”

His fingers pressed deep into her while his lips clamped down on her now-swollen clit and all at once, her world rocked and then shattered.  He stayed there for a long moment, letting her ride the wave of her orgasm against his hand and his mouth.  When he did release her, she was spent.  Almost empty.

But he didn’t let the emptiness last.  He lifted himself over her and planted a soft kiss on her lips.  She could taste herself on him and warmth immediately shot through her again.  With one hand, he propped himself above her, and with the other, he toyed with her nipple until it ached pleasantly.  Very quickly, her body was on fire once more.

Just when she thought she couldn’t bear the need anymore, he drew back and plunged himself into her.  He pulled back slightly, then drove himself in even further.  She wrapped her legs around his waist and rose to meet him.  Each thrust brought her internal flame higher and higher.  With a final, deep push, he shuddered within her, and in another indescribable burst, she came against him once more.

They collapsed onto the bed together, wrapped in nothing but each other, and fell asleep in a mess of bare legs, satisfied bodies, and contented hearts. 


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